On 2018-02-14 11:06 AM, Lennart Sorensen via talk wrote:
> If it was actually possible to buy arm servers I think at least some
> people would have (I know I would have in the past), but none of the
> systems announced could actually be bought unless you were google or
> facebook or something like that.

I think you can buy Cavium ThunderX systems if you get in touch with the
distributor in Canada. We have some of their systems in the US for arm64
build farm purposes.

But yes, the long promised ARM in the datacentre thing seems to remain
just that, a promise with no major channel resellers or anyone offering
much in terms of product.

HP tried high density ARM servers with its Moonshot blades, but it seems
like that effort died off in 2014 as soon as it started, and the whole
HP/HPE thing the next year probably didn't help.

Cheers, Jamon
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