At 08:00 PM 9/20/2016, Rod Hutton wrote:
>A few things I've noted:
>1. Although I see an entry for Office Enhance under the Apps menu in the WE
>control panel, none of the pull-downs under its entry open any dialogs
>2. In the App Manager, with the view option set to global, Office Enhance
>does not appear as a running app
>3. If I use Alt-O to load the app manually, and type in the letters "off",
>auto complete poplulates with an entry called:
>This is clearly the app which should load for the Office Enhance app, and
>yet, if one loads it manually, one gets an error message.
>My guesss is that the app is either not running properly, and Window-Eyes or
>the app itself has some built-in facility to not load it so that an error is
>not generated, or the app has been made redundant by, again, either
>Window-Eyes or the app itself.
>It remains to ask what precise feature you require that this app is supposed
>to provide.

Unfortunately, the Office Addin is a DLL file, not an app. Without it, Window-eyes will not be able to determine the cursor position, much less track highlighted text. The office addin helper can in fact be used without any running apps, since it is not an app.

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