At 09:30 PM 9/20/2016, Tom Kingston via Talk wrote:
>Be it that you've tried everything else, just for the heck of it I would try the following.
>1. Uninstall the app.
>2. Open your profile folder and make sure there are no leftovers, including the .ini file.
>3. Reboot for good measure or at least unload and reload WE.
>4. Download the app to make sure you don't have a corrupted file. Be sure to unblock the wepm file after downloading.
>5. disable any anti-virus and malware protection you run.
>6. Install the downloaded app.
>7. Take it for a spin and see if it works.
>8. Re-enable your anti-virus and malware protection.

All this would be great advice if an app were at issue. But the Office helper is a DLL file that is supposed to load with any Office application. On the rare occasions when I've gotten it to load, it's been because the autoload registry setting was manually changed before running Word. Once Word runs for the first instance, it changes that autoload binary value from 3 to 2 because there's a runtime error when initializing and loading the Window-eyes addin. I also note that most times, since the Window-eyes helper addin is unchecked at Word's startup, checking it does not actually load the addin, so the document cursor is never determined. Put differently, even after manually loading or checking the Window-eyes helper addin, it never actually loads. Most frustrating of all, the helper addin loads fine in Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, etc., just not in Word.
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