Hi all. I'm curious if anyone else is experiencing the following issue with the Window-eyes office addin being unable to load in Word 2016. I have an Office 365 subscription and am running the current builds of Windows 10 and Window-eyes. Although the Office Helper runs in Excel, it will not run in Word. It always appears unchecked and when I check it under Options Addins, the value does not stick. I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling and repairing Office, uninstalling Window-eyes, deleting my default profile, running the Window-eyes emergency removal, reinstalling Window-eyes before and after Office. Needless to say, none of these troubleshooting steps have achieved the desired result. I have tried different configurations in Word's trust settings and even found the relevant registry keys for the Window-eyes office addin. Although the correct registry binary value for load behavior should be 3, Word always manages to change it to 2 upon relaunch.

Since I've paid for my Office 365 license and have always kept current with Window-eyes, I'm quite frustrated that Word is rendered useless to me. It doesn't work at all with Narrator and only slightly better with NVDA. I suspect corrupt permissions issues are the culprit, but I've done two fresh operating system reinstallations.
Many thanks,
Orlando Enrique FiolOrlando Enrique Fiol

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