This has been the case, ever since the new Browse mode was introduced. 
And it happens on that many sites, that it would be strange to imagine 
that I would be the only one struggling wwith the following issue. My 
browser is set to automatically maximize any window, and hitting 
Ctrl-Shift-T does confirm the window to be fully maximized.

I would be reading a arbitrary website. It could be a newspaper article, 
it could be an article on Wikipedia, it might be a product page of some 
store, or it could be an advertisement on Ebay. Most cases all the text 
will come through, and my reading is just fine. But all the sudden, the 
screen reader cuts off the last character of each line. This is 
annoying, to say the least, and could even lead to quite misinterpretted 
text comprehension. There is, for instance, a big difference if a 
product costs $165, or only $16 - all depending on whether the screen 
reader will acknowledge the last character on the line.

  I even have seen several cases, where the page mainly reads just fine, 
and only certain sections of the page have their characters cut off.

Every time a new version of WE is released, I hope for the lost 
character issue to have been fixed. But so far, unfortunately the 
characters still go for their lunch and holiday, anywhere in cyberspace. 
With the more sofisticated speech synthesizers, a word with its last 
character may be mispronounced, but you could live with that (somehow). 
But other synthesizers, like the AT&T ones, will start spelling out 
words that are not recognized as correctly spelled. Needless to tell you 
all, it is eardropping and annoying, and definitely does not speed up 
productivity having to guess every word that happens to end any line in 
a more lengthy article.

Why does the new Browse mode do this kind of character cutting? Any 
reason for it not to have been addressed yet?

I already stated that it happens this often, totally cross-domain, that 
it puzzles me if noone else have seen the behavior. For whatever that 
might be worth, I mainly use the latest version of Firefox, and have for 
all the time of the new Browse mode, even long before that. Yet, the few 
times I am in Internet explorer, I seem to remember the issue showing up 
there as well, so would hold nothing against one browser over the other. 
The issue does not exactly make my screen reader much reliable - the way 
I understand the term "reliable".

Hope this can be addressed, and fixed before next release of the screen 

Anyone having any experience if this behavior would be the case with any 
of the other screen readers on the market?


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