I hope this request won't cause any list member to get bent out of shape as 
it certainly is not intended to offend anyone.

Yesterday, I contacted V F O to request a link to the Window-eyes version 
9.5.4.  I did so because my copy is acting flaky, so I wanted to completely 
uninstall and subsequently reinstall it.  Unfortunately, my CD has been 
damaged and is now unplayable.  V F O said that they discontinued that 
service, so I am now up the creek without a paddle if or until some kind 
soul will provide me with a copy of the program along with a serial number. 
I know my serial number, but it does me no good because I do not believe 
that I could substitute my serial for the one on another user's CD.

So I will say no more but hope that some kind list member will write me off 
list at:

donald.robert...@gmail.com .

Thanks for any assistance.

Don Roberts

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