Le 21 sept. 2016 à 22:31, Stephan Knauss <o...@stephans-server.de> a écrit :
> I am just completing my trip planning to ensure a smooth arrival at SOTM. The 
> Brussels public transport leaves me a bit uncertain.
> I will arrive at Brussels Airport.
> The trip planner suggests to take a train 3737 to Bruxelles Nord.
> http://www.stib-mivb.be/reisweg-itineraire.html?l=en
> I wonder: Is this also included in the Jump 24h ticket costing 7.50 EUR?
> The website mentiones a Bourget-Brussels Airport section
> http://www.stib-mivb.be/1-jour-dag.html?l=en
> But if I check the website of the train, then it says I should get a Standard 
> ticket for 8,60 EUR. Why would it suggest that if I could go for Jump with 
> 7,50? Sounds like it is not included.
> http://www.belgianrail.be/en/travel-tickets/which-is-the-right-ticket-for-me.aspx
> Is the Jump ticket maybe not valid for trains? Is it valid for the bus lines 
> to the airport only?
> Would be great is a seasoned Brussels traveler can give some details.
> Thanks, and see you at SOTM,

You will have a yes answer there : https://www.stib-mivb.be/1-jour-dag.html?l=en

From Bruxelles

See you maybe there,

Christian Rogel

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