To move around Brussels, you can also use the Villo! bicycle network [1]. You can get a ticket for a day or a week. Very cheap [2], and it's working very well for me.

To buy a card, you can do it at any Villo! station.

I am usin AllBikesNow [3] android app to check nearest bicycle stations.






On 22/09/16 07:59, Stephan Knauss wrote:
On 22.09.2016 06:00, Jo wrote:
The reason for the extra fee on top of STIB/MIVB tickets is that they
operate in Brussels, but the airport is 'out of their normal reach',
over in Flanders.

They could state it clearer that the airport is outside the network.
Thanks for the explanation.

The cheapest (€3) way to get from the airport to Brussels is using De
Lijn 272, 471, BUT that will take about an hour to get to the wrong side
of the city. The terminus at North Station is not the VUB campus.
Perfect for me as I will arrive in the evening and have a hotel in that
area. Thanks again.

From there to the VUB campus sounds easy again as it is all within the
city, so all transports are available.


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