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That lengthy discussion mentions that contrast is not high enough with
surrounding forest. The question is Should we modify lake or forest

This was just a starting point, which pushed me to think about the bigger problem.

I simply dislike current water color on osm-carto and find it to be a source of some visibility problems. I've also noticed that nobody in our lengthy discussion even defended this color, so I guess it's not only me...

In forestry areas like north of Norway and Canada, it is difficult to
find features unless you know where they are and zoom-in enough. I
have edited a lot in north of Quebec, Canada and often observe this.

It's hard, and probably impossible, to make good universal map of the whole world. Especially trying to satisfy our set of goals:


So we try to make this style at least decent, as much as it's possible. But what works in the big city, might be simply annoying in remote forest land - and vice versa. Some kind of detecting environment context (like residential/outdoor) would be useful, but we still don't know how to do it in practice:


However that would let us render all the features earlier/more strong in Norway or Canada forest.

Another approach - and it's perfectly doable now - might be different rendering forest on lower zoom levels, like here:


But maybe just changing the forest colors would work - who knows? If you have some propositions, just let us know.

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