Hi there,

Elio here, Designer and Open Source contributor from Albania.

Based on the new Donation Initiative Logo, I thought it would be a good
time to discuss around adapting a new logo which is more suitable for
print, smaller displays and generally a broader variety of backgrounds.

Having this in mind, I came up with a proposal of a logo, including the
wordmark, which was never included as part of it. The wordmark is
written in "Overpass" an Open Source font sponsored by Red Hat. Overpass
is based on the street sign font, so I think it's a perfect fit:


What do you think of it? I believe it's time to suggest a new more
modern logo for OSM nowadays to make it more usable for communities to
adapt it.

I look forward to your feedback!

P.S: Also posted an issue on GitHub:


Elio Qoshi

FLOSS Designer at Ura Design
Mozilla Tech Speaker
Fedora Ambassador
T:  @elioqoshi
W:  elioqoshi.me / ura.design

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