Sure there is no need or no urge to change a logo,  no timeline neither,  but 
this proposal triggers a discussion,  so let's see where it goes. 
The image of the project is something that people can care of, why not? 
I personally find the 'negative magnifier' elegant,  and the disappearance of 
the 0s and 1s a good way to simplify this logo and make it easier to scale. 
When I see questions about horizontal layers in the Q&A site,  I can't help 
thinking that in some way we tend to be over in explaining the difference 
between data vs map. 

Le 15 octobre 2016 00:35:48 GMT+02:00, Michael Kugelmann <> 
a écrit :
>On 14.10.2016 at 16:36 Elio Qoshi wrote:
>> Based on the new Donation Initiative Logo, I thought it would be a 
>> good time to discuss around adapting a new logo which is more
>> for print, smaller displays and generally a broader variety of 
>> backgrounds.
>I guess you don't remember the heavy discussion ongoing while the last 
>change of the OSM logo (and this was just a slight change). And please 
>always remember that the people are used to something => there is a 
>recognition value behind the old logo. Additionally all 
>web-pages/flyers/etc. needs to be changed. There for I consider a
>of the loggo w/o any needs as not at all the highest priority...
>Jst my 2 cents,
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