On 10/15/2016 08:03 AM, Yves wrote:
> I personally find the 'negative magnifier' elegant, and the
> disappearance of the 0s and 1s a good way to simplify this logo and make
> it easier to scale.

I wonder what the established wisdom in the design community is about
this. I mean, many people view the web site on a high-dpi screen with
about a bazillion calibrated colours and we could have a super crafty
logo with gradients and shadows and a shiny 3D effect and so on.

Then there are use cases where you want to logo on a T-shirt or in
16x16px in the corner of a map.

Does that automatically mean that you need to have the
lowest-common-denominator logo that uses only 4 colours and is easily
scalable - or are there ways to have a polished logo for large displays
together with a scalable version and both still retain the same visual

Of course even a simple logo can look good in large print but I do like
it about the current logo that there are details to discover when you
look closer.


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