> > This way, we will be able to quickly find all the objects that are
> > problematic with the Wikidata+OSM service. For example, thanks to the
> > community, we already fixed over 600 incorrect links to wiki
> disambiguations
> > pages, and this will find many more of them.  We will be able to fix when
> > things are tagged as people (e.g. wikidata -> person, instead of
> > subject:wikidata -> person), find location errors (e.g. wikidata and OSM
> > point to very different locations, implying that its an incorrect link).
> The commonest error I have found is wikidata=Qnnn instead of
> brand:wikidata=Qnnn for franchises like McDonalds and petrol stations.
> Andy, I agree - there are many ones like that, all around the globe.  I
know that in Israel, @SwiftFast uses a template to keep them in sync for
gas stations and ATMs, but we need a more generic solution.

A simple query could find all wikidatas pointing to enterprises, producing
cases like this (these are just the first ones i found)  -
* nodes 192051528, 243017574 -- villages marked as ski resort, place=hamlet
or village
* node 285833428 - a ski resort with place=locality
* node 436622732 - a mountain AND a ski resort in WD, with natural=peak in
* relation 128277 - a commune and a ski resort, marked as admin boundary

An alternative would be to maintain a whitelist of all known brands, either
on a wiki, or as an additional wikidata "instance-of   Q431289".
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