On 20/09/17 08:22, Sarah Hoffmann wrote:
>> If the Wikidata ID can be fetched automatically based on the Wikipedia
>> tag, can we delete the Wikipedia tags from everything that has Wikidata
>> afterwards because it is redundant?

> As a reminder: the OSM search engine relies havily on wikipedia tags
> to distinguish the important results from the unimportant ones.
> If you are interested in keeping a half-way functional search on the
> main site, it might be a good idea to find somebody to implement
> support for Wikidata IDs in Nominatim before you enagage in a mass deletion
> of Wikipedia tags.

While wikidata does seem to have come a long way and sort out a lot of
the 'tagging' problems that it had early on, there would still seem to
be a long way to go to use it as a general cross reference replacing
existing data IN the OSM database? Perhaps when the wikipedia pages
cross reference the wikidata entry? But currently one probably needs
both references even if Nominatim was able to handle either.

I followed the wikidata example of Douglas Adams and while it's a little
thing, the same problem we have with OSM cropped up. Douglas went to St
John's College ... I know he went to Cambridge, but OSM search gives
Oxford first! Where ambiguous data exists it would be nice that a better
title was used ... while links take you to the right place, it's an
unnecessary step if one is just scanning the raw data? It took a couple
of minutes to find the right location to see what data was in OSM for
the collage and some material that has not yet made it into wikidata
came up.

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