At first it seemed to me a bit radical, but the more I think about it the more I like the idea. It would give a boost to the Wikidata project. It would make people to pay more attention to the Wikidata items.

Wikidata items require a lot of work too, - translations of a title, of a description, adding a category, an image, a location, etc. In the end it would benefit the Wikipedias too, as having comprehensive Wikidata items, the pages in different languages could be created automatically or semi-automatically.

The situation is similar to the USB connector issue, - shall we change radically to the new USB-C horizontally symmetrical reversible connector, or continue to waste billions of hours of work time connecting the old USB with three orientation attempts?


On 9/20/2017 1:56 AM, Frederik Ramm wrote:
If the Wikidata ID can be fetched automatically based on the Wikipedia
tag, can we delete the Wikipedia tags from everything that has Wikidata
afterwards because it is redundant?

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