On 09/19/2017 10:03 PM, Yuri Astrakhan wrote:
> I would like to auto-add all the
> corresponding wikidata based on wikipedia, for all remaining objects,
> using  JOSM's "Fetch Wikidata IDs".

If the Wikidata ID can be fetched automatically based on the Wikipedia
tag, can we delete the Wikipedia tags from everything that has Wikidata
afterwards because it is redundant?

> This way, we will be able to quickly find all the objects that are
> problematic with the Wikidata+OSM service.

Adding problematic data to OSM in order to have it fixed is never a good
idea. It is better to find the problems *first* and add only data that
clears the QA hurdle to OSM. Is this not an option in your case? You
have (personally) added a lot of problematic data in the past that had
to be fixed by others, or maybe hasn't.

> For example, thanks to the
> community, we already fixed over 600 incorrect links to wiki
> disambiguations pages, 

But this would have been possible without importing the data first?

> We will be
> able to fix when things are tagged as people (e.g. wikidata -> person,
> instead of subject:wikidata -> person),

I don't understand; you say that you want to add the wikidata tag to OSM
and only afterwards can you find problems like this? Why can you not
avoid adding a wikidata tag that points to a person in the first place
since it is obviously incorrect?

> find location errors (e.g.
> wikidata and OSM point to very different locations, implying that its an
> incorrect link).

Again, OpenStreetMap is not a workbench for importing and then fixing
non-OSM data (even if it may look convenient). Please build a QA process
based on the un-imported data and import it once you have fixed the


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