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On 20.09.2017 17:54, Yuri Astrakhan wrote:
> * Oleksiy, OSM can use any data from Wikidata because of the public
> domain dedication
While the WMF does not claim any rights in wikidata contents, it does
not make any representations (one way or the other) as to third party
rights in the data. As an illustration: you could dump all of OSM in to
wikidata and the WMF would not need to change or do anything.
> (CC0), but the reverse depends on if the OSM contributor agreed to
> dedicate their edits to public domain.
There is not really a practical and meaningful way in which an OSM
contributor could do that, outside of facts that they have surveyed
themselves and kept separate.

> Without it, OSM data is licensed under ODbL, and cannot be copied. We
> should make it easier to detect what piece of OSM data is in PD.  I do
> like your USB analogy :) About names - you will be surprised to
> discover that MB and other places are actively pursuing Wikidata
> integration because WD tends to have a huge names list, possibly
> bigger than OSM itself?
That is nice for MB, but problematic in more than one way for OSM.


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