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Of course this is impractical in the UI in the current way of selecting layers (where each layer has its own check box to enable it), I was more thinking in the line of having a dropdown box for all language overlays. No idea if this is currently possible in openlayers.

More basic solution would be to use language settings from the user account preferences.

I've done simple list of possible solutions of name labels problem:


They can be rendering related or deployment related. Both have its merits, but they can be used in parallel too.

1. Vector based solution can be full, but that's long ahead of us, yet in a medium term a vector names overlay should be affordable. We already use overlays, so the problem would be to prepare name-only vector tiles and deploy a code to show them on OSM website. I was thinking that maybe some less loaded server could be used to generate such tiles.

2. But raster rendering can be improved too. I think there's a sliding scale between small objects (probably only local names), big objects (in general no local names) and medium scale (mix of local and other languages). For the biggest objects (continents, oceans, seas) I've come to the conclusion that a set of 6 official UN languages might be good, small objects translations are probably fake (=not possible to verify) anyway, so we could just try to improve medium scale somehow (countries, capitals, lakes). I would not think of Latina or Esperanto, because English is used by much more people, if we talk about latin script. I also don't know what to do with users of other scripts which are not familiar with latin.

Overall I think vector name labels overlay is the most interesting solution for now, apart from osm-carto tuning. What do you think about it, would anyone try to do this as a pilot probably? I would be happy to help.

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