Am 05.05.2018 um 14:51 schrieb Maurizio Napolitano:
>> Unfortunately, Wikipedia is licensed under CC-BY-SA what is incompatible
> with ODBL.
> Finally someone who remembers it
> The quick&dirty solution can be to ask the producer the permission to add
> the data inserted from wikipedia to openstreetmap with a flag.
> On the same time I ask my self how significant is this contribution inside
> the entire openstreetmap database.
> In a long long way I think that we have to ask to Open Knowledge
> International (the producer of the ODbL) and Creative Commons to find a
> right way to find a solution to this problem.
> Maybe an upgrade of the ODbL can solve some.
> What do you think about a discussion between WMF, OSMF, OKFN and CC to
> solve the problem is a trasparent way for the community?

CC BY and CC BY-SA are not compatible with the ODbL because the ODbL is
a fairly lenient licence that allows ways of re-using content that
neither CC BY or CC BY-SA support.

To be compatible with either of the CC licences we would have to
-downgrade- the ODbL and not allow numerous common use cases (for
example publishing maps derived from OSM on any terms the map creator
wants to with essentially just an attribution requirement). I'm sorry,
but that route is a non-starter.

And given that the relevant restrictions in the CC licences were
reaffirmed  (and extended) with the 4.0 versions, it seems rather
unlikely that CC will do anything about it from their side or that their
stakeholders would support such change. In any case it would require a
licence change by the WMF to any such compatible licence too, which
again is unlikely to happen.

Not to mention that regardless of licence fiddling, there is still the
question of the provenance of the contents in WP and third party rights
that always makes use in OSM questionable.

In summary: I doubt that anybody is willing to embark on this specific
fool's errand.

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