is there a Mailinglist for the Technical aspects of DIY Remote Sensing
e.g. Aerial imaging? 

I am talking about Drone/Copter/Autonomous flying like Sensefly Ebee 
and the like.

As a lot of people are not capable of buying of the shelve equipment
like the Ebee it might be interesting to get people together with
their DIY projects. Autonomous Fixed Wings could be build in the range
of 300โ‚ฌ - But then IMHO the hard part starts.

Camera, Georeferencing the GeoTIFFs, creating a WMS service to be
able to use them with Josm etc. Getting together an Open Source
toolchain, docker containers, howtos etc 

Here is a (German) walk through in building a FPV Wing. We wouldnt need
the FPV parts and this size is most likely not capable of carrying a
camera but its a start.


For somebody who has dealt with electronics in the past its Buildable
but i am having a hard time getting it actually to fly.

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