On Fri, Jun 01, 2018 at 10:38:01PM +0000, Pierre Béland wrote:
> I dont know what is picavet. But I dont think thatKite, or balloon or
> similar flying objects could cover rapidly and systematically a
> rectangular area, be stabilized and produce images of quality.
> The fix wings are still expansive but can produce rapidly very precise
> imageries and elevation models. It would be interesting to examine the
> faisability to develop such a project including both hardware and open
> source software.

From my estimated the cost is around 300€ starting from zero. Plus a Camera
with something like CHDK - Given that you crash your first experiments
it gets a little more expensive. 

Thats for the flying gear.

I am now more interested in stuff like which camera, focal length,
stride width, aperture, resolution on ground, stitching the images or
georeferencing the individual images. Producing the geotiffs, creating a
WMS server etc.

I have some software tools up in my head like Hugin (Image stitching and
lense correction), QGis for Georeferencing the images although the stuff
i saw is pretty complicated.

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