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BR> My question has to do with the spam filtering plugin - I have started
BR> to use the free version of Spam Sniper for TB.  I have not used
BR> BayesIt.  Does one of you long time TB users have reasons for or
BR> against using either of those two plugins?

I used BayesIt for a long time.  On the plus side, BayesIt was the only
filter I used that never gave me a false positive, something that I
weigh pretty highly.  But, as someone else mentioned, it takes a lot
of mail to train it (I used to keep a couple thousand spam and ham
messages around for those time when I had to retrain it <g>)  My other
complaint was that it tended to 'get lost' as to what was spam over
time and I would have to dump the training base and re-train (hence
the large training sample <wink>)

It worked ... OK for me, but I have moved on to Agava's anti-spam for
TB. TB is more stable with it installed and it learns pretty quickly.
But it is not free. But it is pretty affordable, less than $20 when I
last looked.

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