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> - within next few weeks, we will try to fix with top
> PITAs (please
> feel free to name your favourite ones)

1. 0001239: You receive an openPGP-encrypted and signed email. You
have a key to decrypt but not a key to verify the signature. TB! won't
show you the decrypted message.

2. 0000839: You have "Confirm unencrypted sending" selected under
account properties. TB! makes you confirm for every message sent from
that account, including the encrypted ones.

3. 0000724: TB! won't decrypt openPGP notifications from Facebook. When you
try, a dialog box appears requesting a filename to save an attachment.

4. 0001665: Can't highlight and copy just the version number from
Help/About pop-up. 

5. 0001435: Incorrect display of "From" column in message list for 
Yahoo Group messages [and messages from certain other mailing lists]

6. 0001242: TB! gives useless error message when OpenPGP key that
signed a message cannot be found.

7. 0001832: PGP: Internal implementation still visible in "Select 
OpenPGP implementation" dialogue This one should be a quick win.

8. [0002443 in 2004 and 0006182 in 2007, can't reference in current
bug tracker]: You are composing a message that you have set to be openPGP-signed
and/or encrypted on completion. You save your message as a draft. When
you return to editing it later, the requirements to sign or encrypt on
completion are no longer set.

Also, the bt.ritlabs.com logon page asks for only the username and
loads a new page before allowing me to enter the password. This is an
irritating waste of time.

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