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Hello George,

On Fri, 10 Jul 2020 11:00:31 +0300 GMT (10-Jul-20, 15:00 +0700 GMT),
George Salnik wrote:


And I use it in additional Menu Navigator for find it where a feature for find where to create shortcut. Without Menu Navigator customers will stuck in many features that can't find at glance. Even I, 20+ years your customer can't remember all the places where features/commands/shortcuts live in TB! Please do come back of Menu Navigator!

GS>> I can't add menu navigator button to the toolbar. What the hell? How to return back menu navigator?

> The Menu Navigator and Inbox Analyzer have been removed from the program starting with v9.2.1.2.

I agree with you, George, I think the Menu Navigator was a great tool.

@Stefan: What is the reason for removing it?



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