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> Dear All,

> v10 beta 6  is now available from https://beta.thebat.net/version/9

> It is recommended to uninstall the Beta you have currently installed and 
> install the newer MSI because major fixes were made to the installation 
> process itself.


I uninstalled previous beta and unpinned from taskbar, beta 6 installed in 
non-default folder and the TB icon is missing:

"Windows can't find the file 

The newly created start-menu shortcut is invalid, as is the newly-pinned 
taskbar entry. I can manually start TB by clicking TBLauncher64.exe in the 
customs folder. But pinning this again creates invalid shortcut.

I personally adored previous TB for the possibility to install it in folder of 
my choice. What was the need to move it to appdata\local?

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TheBat! 10 beta 6 Pro (64-bit, non-OTFE) on Windows 10.0 19044 

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