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> This is wrong position. This is not an ugly Microsoft/Apple or dirty Adobe 
> (that can kill Macromedia and then flash only because Apple says to them). 
> Just html-viewer can't be a reason. And if ugly monopolies of shit-Chromium 
> can kill Win7 support then needs to have some another html-viewer like in v8 
> TB! and shut off that chromium-shit for Win7 users. 

If you're using end-of-life operating systems, you have to accept that at some 
point you'll have to keep using old programs, too.

Writing a HTML viewer is far from trivial, and there's a good reason that The 
Bat switched from internal viewer to CEF (though I'd still prefer if Edge 
WebView2 was used instead, since that gets security updates from the OS, so a 
new TB release wouldn't be needed due to CVE-2023-4863).

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