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>> This is wrong position. This is not an ugly Microsoft/Apple or dirty Adobe 
>> (that can kill Macromedia and then flash only because Apple says to them). 
>> Just html-viewer can't be a reason. And if ugly monopolies of shit-Chromium 
>> can kill Win7 support then needs to have some another html-viewer like in v8 
>> TB! and shut off that chromium-shit for Win7 users. 

> If you're using end-of-life operating systems, you have to accept that at 
> some point you'll have to keep using old programs, too.

> Writing a HTML viewer is far from trivial, and there's a good reason that The 
> Bat switched from internal viewer to CEF (though I'd still prefer if Edge 
> WebView2 was used instead, since that gets security updates from the OS, so a 
> new TB release wouldn't be needed due to CVE-2023-4863).

Internal viewer is alive. I don't see any reasons to block new viewer for Win7 
users and using old. For receiving new versions and for "old users". Just tell 
it this to users who's intalling updates of TB into old OS. 

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