Thanks, Mark.  I've followed your advice with respect to double quotes etc.
and it's basically  a case of "good news and bad news".

The good news is that I've successfully loaded over 80 messages into the
Out folder without losing any of them.  They all appear to be fine, with
the right text blocks and attachments, etc.  On a smaller-scale trial, I
have actually sent a batch of over 40 - as far as I know, successfully.

The bad news is that I still can't get The Bat to send copies.  A sample
output line is:

/MAILU="Julian - Appeals Worldwide";TO="Janis Knox

  -  with the semicolon before '%CC=' removed.

I also tried with the full address in the copy, i.e.

/MAILU="Julian - Appeals Worldwide";TO="Janis Knox
letters service";A=c:\TAP\LETTERS\JN-10020.RTF;QUEUE

but it still didn't work.

I only need to do this very occasionally - it's always the oddballs that
cause the problems..

Any other suggestions?

Julian Hall

P.S.  I got over the problem of 'thebat.ipc' not being fully read in with
the Evaluation version of the Bat! Professional.  To avoid the Registration
prompt popping up and interfering with the data reading, I was opening The
Bat first and then creating 'thebat.ipc' from a copy in a Notepad file. 
However, after saving the Notepad Untitled file as 'thebat.ipc', one needs
to leave it open until The Bat has read its contents.  Closing Notepad
truncates the data reading.  It's exactly the opposite of what I would have
expected.  Just thought it worth mentioning to save other new users the
same problem..  Rest assured that I do intend to register and purchase the
programme in the near future.


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