Wednesday, June 21, 2006, 4:00:51 AM, you wrote:

> The bad news is that I still can't get The Bat to send copies.  A sample
> output line is:

OK - now I had to go and try it for myself. Yep - I can confirm here
that %CC doesn't work in the command line. On rereading the help file,
my take is that the "TO" argument specifies one and only one main
recipient of the email. The "%CC" macro is specified to work in a
template, as are the other addressee macros.

So I would think there are three ways around this, depending on how
you're extracting email addresses from the database: the first (if
this is really CC you want and not BCC) is to put both emails into the
TO argument and separate them by commas. This way does work for me.
The second is to make the TO and CC addresses into two separate
emails, and the third is to use a template file (the T command) and
fiddle with it until you've got something that works with your command
line. I'm not really convinced you can pass command line arguments to
a template file, so that last one may not work after all.

> I only need to do this very occasionally - it's always the oddballs that
> cause the problems..

Ain't it always the case? Us oddballs get no respect these days...

> Any other suggestions?

> Regards,
> Julian Hall

> prompt popping up and interfering with the data reading, I was opening The
> Bat first and then creating 'thebat.ipc' from a copy in a Notepad file.
> However, after saving the Notepad Untitled file as 'thebat.ipc', one needs
> to leave it open until The Bat has read its contents.  Closing Notepad

This sounds a bit dangerous to me. I test it by creating and editing
the ipc file with a text editor, but not in the tb directory. Then
when I've got the text file the way I want it, I copy it into the tb
directory and wait for it to be gobbled up. Otherwise, yes, what
you're seeing is indeed the opposite of what I would have expected.
Windows is full of surprises.

-Mark Wieder

 Using The Bat! v1.63 Beta/7 on Windows 2000 5.0 Build 2195 Service Pack 4

...and BTW, before someone jumps on you about this, standard etiquette
here on the tb lists is for the first line in your sig to be a "cut"
delimiter of <dash><dash><space><carriage return> so that things get
truncated when you reply.


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