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Hi Geoff,

On 3/12/2012 Geoff Lane wrote:

GL> I'm sorry that you feel frustrated. However, while I'm glad of all the
GL> support that I can get when I need it, I don't take too kindly to
GL> vendors putting me down -- and I suspect that there are others who
GL> feel the same way. My post was in no way meant as a personal attack.
GL> Rather, it was meant to be constructive; to help you and others
GL> provide better service. FWIW, I would not have made my post if I
GL> didn't then believe that you were representing Ritlabs or a reseller
GL> in some official capacity.

Hmm... Maybe this is a better example of a put down:
  You are arrogant, self-centered and do not have a clue...

This is meant to be constructive to help you to treat people with

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