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> From what you say, it looks like you are using the 'Web-Like' mode
> of the Message Finder. Have you tried the 'Simple' or 'Advanced'
> modes (which you can choose on the right) and see if that makes any
> difference?

You're right, I've been using the 'Web-like' mode.  Either I'd
forgotten, or more likely never knew, the other modes, so thanks for
that.  But... I still can't find the message I was looking for with
either 'Simple' or 'Advanced.'

To be more specific than in my OP, and following your pointers, I just
tabbed into the 'Sent' folder, pressed Ctrl+F, and Message Finder came
up with the 'Sent' sub-folder ticked and everything else unticked. I
chose 'Simple' (search type). In the drop-downs I chose 'Recipient'
and 'contains,' typed "map" (without quotes; part of the target e-mail
recipient's address is onthemap)) in the unlabelled search text box,
checked all boxes in the Advanced tab remained unticked, clicked
Start, and got nothing.

I did a few more similar tests; TB finds some strings readily, others
it can't seem to see at all.  Yet Quick Search works like a charm.

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