Hello MFPA,

>> From what you say, it looks like you are using the 'Web-Like' mode of
>> the Message Finder.
> Is that something new? I have not heard of the 'Web-Like' mode of the
> Message Finder, and can't see it as an option.

No, it is not new at all. I don't recall when it was introduced, but my 
daughter is still using v4.2.44.2 and the three modes are there.

If you don't see the 'Web-Like' option is probably because that is the 
option you are using. In this case, the only options you will see are 
'Simple' and 'Advanced'. If you select 'Simple', the options you will 
see are 'Web-Like' and 'Advanced', and if you select 'Advanced' you will 
see 'Web-Like' and 'Simple' as options (alternatives).

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