> Hi!
> It is too many years ago I transferred The Bat from an old to a new
> PC, so that I forgot how to do that.
> Now it is time again to such a transfer ... my old PC will be replaced
> by a new one. So....
> How do I completely The Bat with all its settings, the way, that
> everything will be the same as it is at my old PC?

> I tried the 'Backup' option, but I did not get it all back that way.

Copy your mail directory to somewhere where you can restore from.
Run this and change the path to where you want it to go and rename it to 
something that makes sense for you as this example would put "test.reg" in the 
"C:\test". i put mine in the mail directory
regedit /e c:\test\test.reg HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RIT

Also copy things like the images folder if you have customized smilies and any 
customized dictionaries from the Bat's program folder (or just export them and 
import them into the new installation)

Windows, 10, 0, 14393

Current version is 7.1 | 'Using TBUDL' information:

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