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>>>> Copy your mail directory to somewhere where you can restore from.
>>>> Run this and change the path to where you want it to go and rename
>>>> it to something that makes sense for you as this example would put
>>>> "test.reg" in the "C:\test". i put mine in the mail directory
>>>> regedit /e c:\test\test.reg HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RIT

>>> Thank you!

>> This works only if you have the same directory structure and disk
>> names.

R> ??? How so? I have my mail directory on my E:\ drive. You have to
R> adjust the path of the REG file that was in my example, but then it works

>> Another way is to use the internal backup function (under Tools) and
>> create a .tbk file. Move this file to a removable disk.

>> I have done this a couple of times.

R> That is the ideal way if the TBK file doesn't go corrupt which I
R> have had happen several times. I personally don't trust it but you
R> are correct - that is the best way to do it

I don't trust the backup function either. If there's any corruption in the 
backup file, you lose everything. 

Just copy the mail directory from one computer to the other using whatever 
works for you (external drive, USB stick, cloud drive) and then copy it down to 
the new computer wherever you like. Install TB! on the new machine and once 
you've started it up, go to Preferences and then System and set the Mail 
directory to wherever you copied the mail directory to. It takes time to copy 
everything, of course, but it's unlikely anything will go wrong.


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