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MP>> The  constraint  is message size. I massaged this image, shrunk it and
MP>> lowered jpg quality to 50% to make it small enough to be attachable on
MP>> this list.

JSL> Hi Marck, the following is an email you sent me several years ago. Still 
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JSL> Attachments (inc screen-shots) are perfectly acceptable (although HTML
JSL> messages  are  frowned upon because they invariably double the size of
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JSL> There  are  limits  to the size of permitted attachments. 25k on TBUDL
JSL> and  75k  on TBBETA. If your screen-shot is small enough, attach it by
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These  things are still true. I have checked the settings on the TBUDL
server  and can't see that attachments are prohibited in any way other
than the 25kb message size restriction. I still don't know why my 14kb
image  didn't  make it through intact. Perhaps something to do with my
PGP sig.

I know that HTML mails with embedded images and image attachments work
perfectly on the TBBETA list. Just not here in TBUDL, it seems..

Cheers -- Marck D Pearlstone -- List moderator and fellow end user
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