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On Sun, 4 Jul 2004, at 10:16:15 [GMT +1200] (which was 3:16 PM where I
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> Sunday, July 4, 2004, 4:19:03 AM, Kevin wrote:

>>> How can one change either the color of the table borders or the style
>>> (a single line instead of a double line).

KA>> you'll have to import something you created with another application
KA>> (i.e. Excel, Word, etc.)

> Ouch! That could be adding fuel to the fire. I do not recommend using
> Office to create HTML.


The original poster was working with HTML anyway. At that point there
is no harm using an external application to copy a table in-line. Tens
of millions of people use it this way (including myself) without

What exactly is your consern?

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