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> I've now had a response via the RitLabs Ticket system and they asked for
> more information (from .txt & .log files in root of mail directory tree) and
> supplied a Beta version since 4.1.7.  I'd also looked at paying for the
> upgrade from v3 licence to the v4 licence.  As I last paid for the upgrade
> 4 years ago I decided to pay and re-upgrade to v4.1.7 (& then to v4.1.9 as
> it was just released).  This all worked and I now have access to the Address
> Book again.  :-)

The bat itself works???

I paid for my Thebat V4 upgrade just before Christmas and then they
made an upgrade so I upgraded. Stupid in a way as an upgrade just
before a holiday season is a good way to get unwanted problems.

> Don't know what went wrong in your case, or where you got your version
> (numbers) from.  Have you tried doing a compact/compress of your email
> message base, and doing a backup, before trying to upgrade again?  Also, do
> you, like me, need to pay for the upgrade before trying to install it?

version numbers are on a page on the website where you download from..
And no, I just paid so unlikely I have to pay again for a bug fix..
Anyway after all the bugs I have seen one more or less makes little
difference... (I don't mean in the bat but in general!!).
I just went back to last one which worked for me: 4.0.38 . Doesn't
handle msg's larger then 2 gb or so but I cannot see that to be a

Ok, sending this and then reinstalling whatever the last update is.

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