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On 06/01/2023 21:38, Francois-Xavier Le Bail via tcpdump-workers wrote:
>> As some have experienced before, attempts to regenerate the configure
>> script often result in two groups of unnecessary changes (runstatedir
>> and LARGE_OFF_T), both of which come from Debian-specific patches to
>> Autoconf because traditionally the configure scripts were generated
>> using non-Debian Autoconf.  In practice this means that a regenerated
>> revision of a configure script almost always requires "git add -p"
>> instead of "git add".
>> This has been discussed in some detail in [1], and my understanding is
>> that making Debian Autoconf the new standard should make this problem
>> smaller (it certainly would in my development environment).  Would
>> anybody like to make their point for or against such a switch in one of
>> the next releases?
>> 1: https://github.com/the-tcpdump-group/tcpslice/pull/12

> I agree to use Debian Autoconf 2.69.

Or, perhaps better, remove the generated configure script from the repository.
(See my previous message)

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