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> As some have experienced before, attempts to regenerate the configure
> script often result in two groups of unnecessary changes (runstatedir
> and LARGE_OFF_T), both of which come from Debian-specific patches to
> Autoconf because traditionally the configure scripts were generated
> using non-Debian Autoconf.  In practice this means that a regenerated
> revision of a configure script almost always requires "git add -p"
> instead of "git add".
> This has been discussed in some detail in [1], and my understanding is
> that making Debian Autoconf the new standard should make this problem
> smaller (it certainly would in my development environment).  Would
> anybody like to make their point for or against such a switch in one of
> the next releases?

If we switch to making Debian Autoconf the new standard and keeping the 
generated configure script in the repository, would that mean that developers 
working from the repository would either have to install Debian Autoconf or use 
"git add -p" instead of "git add"?

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