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On Jan 6, 2023, at 3:31 PM, Denis Ovsienko <de...@ovsienko.info> wrote:

> It is the latter, and a custom Autoconf seems an unreasonable
> requirement for contributing.

Reasonable, or unreasonable?

Whatever version is chosen as the standard autoconf, if the goal is to have the 
version of the configure script in the repository always be generated by the 
standard autoconf, some users will have to build and install that version if 
they will be changing the configure script, and, for other contributions, 
they'll either have to build or install that version or they will have to take 
care not to check in the configure script if they haven't changed configure.ac 
or aclocal.m4.

(By the way, have other Linux distributions applied the same changes that 
Debian and its derivatives have?  If not, then users of those distributions 
would be in the same situation as macOS and FreeBSD users.)

> Or the --runstatedir and LARGE_OFF_T bits between releases could appear
> and disappear at random

Meaning we let users check in the configure script in whatever form it exists 
on their machine?

> until it is a release time, then the standard
> could be enforced as and if necessary.

I.e., part of the process of making a release would be regenerating the 
configuration file using Debian autoconf and checking in the regenerated 

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