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On 06/01/2023 23:49, Guy Harris via tcpdump-workers wrote:
> An alternative would be *not* to keep the generated configure script in the 
> repository (that's what Wireshark ended up doing before it ceased to use 
> autoconf/automake), and generate it as part of the release-build process, 
> which we would do on a machine on which Debian autoconf was installed.

Or don't generate it and have the build process be:
./autogen.sh && ./configure && ...

> That requires that developers have autoconf installed if they're not going to 
> be using CMake, but there are already tools they need installed (a C 
> compiler, make, Flex, Bison/Berkeley YACC, ...) so I don't see that as a 
> problem.
> It also means that configure.ac and aclocal.m4 would have to work with 
> various sufficiently-recent versions of autoconf.

FYI, test for tcpslice here:
Some warnings like The macro `XXX' is obsolete.
(Some tests are with autoconf version 2.71)

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