Penned by Ted Unangst on 20130326  8:09.14, we have:
| On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 11:13, Mark Kettenis wrote:
| >> Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2013 05:20:27 -0400
| >> From: Ted Unangst <>
| >>
| >> These isa devs are already disabled and not particularly popular among
| >> our users.  affected: tcic, sea, wds, eg, el
| > 
| > The reason these devices are disabled is probably that their probe
| > routines are destructive.  So the fact that they are disabled doesn't
| > necessarily mean that they don't work properly.
| > 
| > I don't think maintaining these drivers is currently a huge burden on
| > us.  But decoupling them from the build will almost certainly lead to
| > some degree of bitrot.
| Perfection is achieved when there's nothing left to take away. :)
| It's not so much that we spend time maintaining the source, but I do
| spend time compiling it. And I have to download it (3 times!) every
| time I install a new snapshot. Cumulatively, I've probably spent hours
| of my life waiting for these drivers' bits to go from here to there. I
| will selfishly claim that if I save five minutes of time this year by
| not compiling these files, that right there is more benefit than
| retaining support.
| I targeted disabled devices figuring they were least likely to be
| missed, but I honestly question the utility of any of these ISA
| network and SCSI drivers. They're going to be slow as shit. Besides,
| at this point, due to adding so many new drivers (kernel size has
| more than doubled in last ten years) the minimum RAM requirement is
| basically past ISA only machines. The segment of machines that lack
| PCI but support 32M or more of RAM is very narrow. And unlike sparc or
| vax, I don't think running OpenBSD on some ancient 486 is historically
| interesting.

I have some of these devices actually.  Haven't used them in a few
years, mainly due to office moves and boxes of unpacked unsorted stuff.
I do clearly recall that it is useful to only enable some isa devices if
one has them.

I guess the question is, are we moving to a world where isa is not
supported and/or supportable?

Sure, if I'm doing build tests I'm going to load a box with mem and the
fastest disks and nics I have.

If I'm testing hardware support and such, I'm going to want to get
thorough coverage of the drivers we build and purport to support.

I'd wager a bet that I could make my sea(4) scsi adapter work more
reliably than any variant of usb wi(4), so perhaps we should disable usb
wi(4) to save you time building instead?

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