Creamy [] wrote:
> Miod, you seem like an all-right bloke, and I don't want to create
> bad feelings, but you're insulting me on a public mailing list,
> because I dare to bring up something you object to.
> Other people have been rude to me in private mail, because my views
> differ from theirs.  This represents a small minority of the OpenBSD
> development community, I know, but if I was really just here to troll,
> why would I have posted so many patches and fixes in the two weeks
> that I have been subscribed?

Too Creamy?

> Why does it seem like everybody is obsessed with me on this mailing list
> at times?  Ever since I joined, I have seen a flood of hits from OpenBSD
> based browsers in the logs for the site, even though it's
> off-line at the moment and re-directing everybody to the mobile site,
> which is making us look really unprofessional, I know, but I've been
> spending so much time contributing to this list that I haven't had time
> to fix it.  I've also had private mails quizzing me as to who I am,
> (who cares, if I'm writing good code?), and general written abuse, mostly
> off-list.

It's a hard bunch. And people disagree with you. Don't take it so personally.

We love you, man.

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