> What you're suggesting is a small part of the ISA code in the tree.

I did not want to list all isa drivers which happen to be tested a few
times every year either.

> ...and note that I've been working on the pckbc code for the last
> couple of weeks, so I should be fully aware of it's existance.  Don't
> worry, I won't bother you with any patches, I know you ignored the
> last one, even though I fixed it as you mentioned.

s/ignored/postponed for the weekend/. But I can ignore it for real if
you prefer.

> > > Where did I claim that, exactly?
> > 
> > ``broken (as I suspected)'', followed by ``suffering bit-rot'' does not
> > exactly convey the idea of something in working condition, does it?
> Why is Alexey's HP Netserver running NetBSD, then?

What does this have to do with this discussion? Why don't you ask him?

If, ten years ago, I had gotten a flat tire driving over a hole on some
small country road, and I had never driven on that road again, should I
assume that the road has not been repaired in ten years? And that other
holes have not appeared elsewhere?

> So that's one 486 user who doesn't care whether OpenBSD supports his
> system or not.  See what I mean?


> Miod, you seem like an all-right bloke, and I don't want to create
> bad feelings, but you're insulting me on a public mailing list,
> because I dare to bring up something you object to.

If you consider yourself insulted by what I am writing, then you might
want to apply your `get a life' advice to yourself as well. Remember,
if you try to put too much subtlety or double-entendre in your english,
eople may not read what you expect them to read.

>             I've also had private mails quizzing me as to who I am,
> (who cares, if I'm writing good code?),

As long as these are small diffs, nobody cares. But we don't take large
contributions from anonymous people.

> Get a life.

I am living in interesting times.

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