On 03/27/2013 03:06 PM, Chris Cappuccio wrote:

OpenBSD/i386 isn't likely to  change major platform support any time
soon, if ever. The port for dropping legacy crap would be
OpenBSD/amd64. Now, look at its kernel config. You'll see, that was
already done. ta-da! I bought an old, high-end 80386 system from a
Goodwill store for $5 some 6 or 7 years ago. I was kinda depressed
that it wouldn't boot OpenBSD anymore, but then I wet my pants when I
got KA9Q NOS working on it.

That sounds pretty good--most of my EDA and other stuff is run on AMD64.

Didn't most of the Linuces drop pre-P2 support some time ago (ie.g. P1, AMD K6, etc.)? It could be that getting the older architectures to work is as simple as recompiling the kernel, but I haven't checked into it. Maybe it would be handy to have a minimum binary distro just sufficient to boot and recompile from source, if need be. So if you've got a 486 or P1 K5, K6, Crusoe or whatever, you could still get there without searching out a more-up-to-date system.


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