Hi Theo,

Theo de Raadt wrote on Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 10:18:26AM -0600:

> Lots of people have been receiving emails like the one below.
> They have never asked the community of authors what they want.
> I think OpenSSL are using a github "garbage-in / garbage-out" style of
> process.  Feel free to dig into what they think I am author of, and
> why.
> We wrote some tools to look through every version of our files, and
> our scripts found your email address.  You can see what we found:
>     https://license.openssl.org/cgi-bin/lookup.py?uid=619

ROFL...  :-D

Maybe they should just revert


and be done with it.  :-D

> The start suggests they want to privately collect sufficient consensus
> to pass their agenda.  They appear to be considering all actions in
> the tree (including mine) on equal grounds.

I already sent them a clear "NO, i explicitly object to relicensing
any of my contributions."

If any of you care about the possibility of merging future OpenSSL
improvements to LibreSSL and OpenBSD, i suggest you do the same.

Similarly, if any of you dislike publishing their own code under Apache 2.

> The last sentence suggests they don't care at all about the rights of
> the authors.

I also sent them a separate mail stating that i strongly suspect
that last sentence to be grossly illegal in almost any jurisdiction.


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