Sebastian Benoit <> wrote:
 |Steffen Nurpmeso( on 2017.03.24 14:03:45 +0100:
 |> Bob Beck <> wrote:
 |> According to [1] the chosen license is however the "best" academic
 |> license, and the only one which allows patent protection.  Best in
 |> sofar as all tested items are green.  The Mozilla license was
 |> surely not possible?
 |>   [1]
 |>|thats really not cool
 |> As far as i understand it, using the Apache license gives more
 |> protection to end users than the current license does, at least if
 |> patents get involved.
 |>   ..
 |>|> Apparently lawyers are being paid to help them push this through.  Is
 |>|> that being paid for by donations people gave after Heartbleed?  Is
 |>|> this why people donated?
 |> The license is even better for end-users as the current license?
 |But it's not about "this licence is better than that licence".

Of course it is, even not being personally involved looking at the
file headers it would be a wonderful cleanup if this jungle could
be replaced with a single copyright header.

 |The code has a licence and they dont respect that.
 |It's about "You cannot change the licence without consent of the author" \

Like it is stated in the file header.

 |"We just assume that you say yes to this because we dont care about your
 |rights", which is morally and legally wrong.

That is, the way you say it, absurd.  Morally wrong is, with 58
percent loss of life since 1971, to fly 40000 kilometres for three
days of hacking or a week of holiday including soiling of historic
sites and stealing towels and anything else which fits into the
suitcase from the hotel.  Buying a new car or a new phone so-and-so
often, because of the same reason.

Or eating meat more than once a week, or at all in fast food
restaurants, at least if you live in Germany, like you do?,
because this is why the rainforests die, and the animals live
under terrible conditions, without sun light, without any space for
living, and without that word that cannot be used on an american
list, but anyway cows will never feel the ton of a hot steaming
bull body but instead the plastic glove of a Volkswagen driver,
up to the shoulder.  But even if you don't care about the animals,
it is still morally wrong because we first world people no longer
eat ears, heads, feets, and all that is shipped for a ridiculous
amount of money to Africa, were thousand year old traditions die
since decades due to that, because Farmers cannot afford this price,
and if they do they soil the acres, and if they don't they leave
their land and go to the cities, where they need more water than the
land can offer, and so you loose-loose and the deserts grow further,
and this goes on since decades.  And not talking at all about the
growing resistance of bacteria for antibiotics, also since decades.

Or having never cared for details but going on like a zombie and
voting the next demagogue that comes along and promises whatever.
Or, worse, even doing this on purpose because the human heart
never gets enough.

So this and much more is morally wrong, but asking all
contributors for a license change, a free license that seems to be
the "best license" for freedom, as has been verified, for the
massively and growing more massively still material world, where
some money-backed lawyers could enforce a shutdown of services if
some patent would be violated, for example, the word "morally
wrong" should be carefully chosen in my opinion.

I also sometimes have the impression that OpenSSL has become
a heavy truck that blindly rolls over the little flowers, though.
On the other hand i have received even two messages for different
addresses for contributions so marginal that it is almost
laughable that someone asks me at all.  The thing is, if i, with
these contributions, would really be allowed to veto the entire
switchover, then the world will stand still, because there are, in
fact, many little pissers all around us.  And this as an European.
I for one think like this, but of course other contributions are
of much more value than mine, and if there would be a "no" from
such a contributor, things may or even will be different.


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