Bob Beck <> wrote:

Disclaimer: i have read about licenses many years ago (likely over
a decade, i stopped reading the german computer magazine c't
somewhen in 2005).  I like and use the ISC license that your
project has chosen and fosters whenever i can.

According to [1] the chosen license is however the "best" academic
license, and the only one which allows patent protection.  Best in
sofar as all tested items are green.  The Mozilla license was
surely not possible?


Interesting to me is that this is the third time this year that
this topic comes up, in January i had a private communication with
Jörg Schilling (who provided this link, again), i think a month
ago there was a thread on the Austrian Linux User list, and now we
have this one.

 |thats really not cool

As far as i understand it, using the Apache license gives more
protection to end users than the current license does, at least if
patents get involved.

 |> Apparently lawyers are being paid to help them push this through.  Is
 |> that being paid for by donations people gave after Heartbleed?  Is
 |> this why people donated?

The license is even better for end-users as the current license?


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