> On 24 Mar 2017, at 3:51 AM, Theo de Raadt <dera...@openbsd.org> wrote:
> it is great that someone found a way to convert between licenses.
> AGPL -> GPL -> ISC -> PD

pfSense went through with this, being a 2-Clause BSD fork of m0n0wall,
going through a 6-Clause ESF and CLA (all your rights are belong to
us) transition cycle in 2014 and then finally circling back to Apache
2.0 in 2016 after having failed to suppress forks thereof in light of
OPNsense and the continuation of 2-Clause BSD in 2015.

I talked to the principal author of m0n0wall who answered along the
lines of:

I wasn't asked about this. It would be impossible to ask all
previous contributors to relicense anyway, but I am no lawyer.

The end result:

Several previous contributor copyrights as well as BSD terms of
conditions stripped from the source code, copyrights for own legal
entity asserted for a blank 2004 - 2016 where it seemed fancy.

The official answer is: we own all the code so shut up.  ;)

Nobody indeed cares, except when a 2-Clause BSD fork of pfSense exists
to keep the ball rolling after the 2014 license uncertainty debacle
it gets probed by lawyers on grounds of suspicious copyright violations
allegedly requested by a larger project entity in the BSD scope (note
that pfSense does not have the pull to do this by itself, but a friendly
entity might).  The president of the organisation leading the legal
probe later personally apologises to OPNsense for the behaviour and
encourages us to continue our open source work.

The original report's results are buried by the BSD entity who allegedly
requested it, because no dirt could be found to throw at the fork.
OPNsense was also never contacted by that entity that it had doubts
about the proven-to-be unfounded handling of copyrights.

So you can: relicense whatever you want and actively hinder the
prosperity of your forks and/or competition and get away with it
instead of just working on code and project quality for the benefit
of the community at large.


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