On 03/05/18 19:16, Stuart Henderson wrote:
On 2018/03/05 17:14, Kurt Mosiejczuk wrote:
It was annoying me that "aspirational" wasn't in common spellcheck
dictionaries and afresh@ suggested I submit a patch to at least get
the situation corrected for OpenBSD.

Before getting around to this, I noticed "supremacist" wasn't there
either so added that.

hmm, according to README, this file is supposed to be "Webster's Second
International Dictionary, all 234,936 words worth. The 1934 copyright
has lapsed" ... should additions go in some other file or should the
description be changed? It seems to have grown a bit already,

$ wc -l web2
   235971 web2

Definitely it should just grow. Having multiple files doesn't make sense, to me. English is a growing language.

--STeve Andre'

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